All 3D mapping solutions for Rixos hotels and resorts
We've made so many presentations for Rixos, that felt necessary to make special catalog to have evrything close at hand
  • The Land of Legends
    01 "Even building walls there become alive and tell the stories through 3D mapping..."
  • Karavan Saray
    02 "Reveal the deepest beauty of national heritage and culture through 3d mapping"
  • All the Rixos Hotels
    03 3D mapping as a part of hotel architecture
  • All the Rixos Hotels
    04 3D mapping ideas
  • Rixos Premium Belek
    05 Christmas 3D mapping show sketch
  • The Land of Legends
    06 The Land of legends cartoon
  • The Land of Legends
    07 Land of Legends book inscription for VIP-check-in
  • The Land of Legends
    08 Masha and the bear 3D mappig show
  • Any Rixos Hotel
    09 Birthday 3D mapping show for VIP packages
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