STUDIO 22.12
Happy Birthday show
An amazing option for VIP packages with birthday parties
in the Land of Legends
Imagine if on the day of his or her birthday kid not only celebrate it in the such an amazing place as the Land of Legends, but also see the magic show devoted to him or her personally. The characters of the Land of Legends will personally congratulate the kid.
01 The object and place of the show
We can choose any surface for the birthday show.

If you prefer it to be more scaled, it can be done in the Chimera area or in the Gates area as a facade 3D mapping show.
If you prefer it to be more intimate, it can be an indoor performance in any chamber.
In the indoor space we can use 3 or 4 walls to provide immersive effect or use only one wall or even part of the wall in some cases, and it also will cause the wow-effect.
02 How the personalization works
We suppose to produce a universal storyline for any object you choose as some sort of template. The final customized part of that storyline will contain the name of the child.
03 A birthday in fairy tale
Nothing will motivate the parents to celebrate kid's birthday parties in the Land of Legends more than the possibility to spend such an important day in a true fairy tale.
04 Turn-key realization
Just give us the place where you feel appropriate to make a birthday 3D mapping shows, or may be a number of places, and our team will calculate the necessary equipment, its placement, create some visualizations, how it will look like.

If you like the idea, you can order everything turn-key from our team including the equipment purchase and installation works. You have nothing to worry about.

We can also make a so called "mock up": before you're even sign the contract, we will come with the part of the calculated equipment and necessary video-content and show you everything in live.
05 Do we need expensive equipment?
Please also bear in mind, that for indoor spaces depending on the area of projection, much cheaper equipment can be used!

For instance, the turn-key budget for the indoor solution on the picture could be only 10 000-12 000€
- all the equipment
- 2 minutes 3D mapping content
- installation works
Depending on the chosen object's scale the cost of the production and equipment differ very much.

We are ready to calculate the cost of the option in a new location turnkey (equipment, content production, installation services) as soon as you give us possible locations.

For instance, for the Chimera area
the content production
for the birthday 3D mapping template will make
and each customization will cost

However, it can be any location you feel appropriate, not only Chimera area.
You will easily recoup the investment on 3D mapping equipment and content production making that show a paid option for VIP guests
What we need to start now?
1. Photos of the location(s), where you suppose to use birthday 3D mapping show
2. Overall dimensions of that location

Everything else is our job!
Feel free to write, call and visit us. We really love to communicate with our clients.
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