3D mapping show and decor for hotels and theme parks

Exceed expectations of your guests, changing the space beyond recognition, creating new world again and again due to collaboration of the multimedia technology and architecture
3D mapping is a technology and art of creation an illusion of real object transformation through specific video-content. The object can be a building facade, a wall or several in interior space, a table, a car or a wedding dress. Or anything else that you can imagine.

One of the greatest implementations of this technology is in the hospitality industry using the rent or permanently installed equipment. We'll show you!

What's 3D mapping?

3D mapping is a powerful tool for solving various tasks and
achieving various goals

Short-term benefits
— additional paid entertainment zones, shows and options for your guests, increasing your average revenue per client.

— increase revenue by native displacement of publicity

— the ability to integrate advertising for shopping avenue
Long-term benefits
— greatly exceed expectations of your guests and radically improve guest's experience

— increasing the number of stays for majority of clients and accordingly their life-time value.

— those, who seek for new bright impressions will be able to find them from season to season in your hotel as with 3D mapping it is never the same place
We have prepared for you a certain number of solutions as an example, how you can achieve your short-term and long-term goals. Only you know best which ideas fit to your concept, to your identity and business model. Watch and choose which one is perfect for you
What you can do?

Types of 3D mapping

The facade show immediately attracts the attention of each and every guest who will notice out of the corner of his eye this explosion of contrast and color.
You can organize outdoor events for your guests, or it can be organized so that they could watch it from their room windows.

Bright and impressive shows suit the hotels with the emphasis on entertainment. Elegant and laconic decorations will. be appreciated by those, who respect the classics and and high style.

Short-term benefits: ticket selling, advertising integrations
Long-term benefits: Increasing guest loyalty

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Interior 3D mapping is a way to make a deep dive in the main theme, in any world you've created. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. You can use projection as a permanent decoration and in case of an event you can use provide the possibility of creation a unique world just for this event. Depending on the room features and guest attention focuses you can use from one to all four walls for 3D mapping.
3D mapping can be used on grand events as well as on intimate ones.

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Interior decor changes according to seasons, news feeds, mood, time of day, etc.

Short-term benefits: influx of new visitors
Long-term benefits: Increasing guest loyalty
A striking feature of any lounge area that attracts attention and is the hallmark of any place.

Long-term benefits: Increasing guest loyalty

Additional lucrative option for event halls. Competitive advantage over other options.

Short-term benefits: profit from the sale of an additional option
Long-term benefits: competitive advantage of the venue and, and better experience for guests.

3d mapping is fascinating
See how magic works
3D mapping on an art object is a universal solution for any interior. It will certainly become a centre of attention for everyone. Everyone likes taking photos and sharing them in social media with such an installation on a background. 3D mapping art object easily fit in any environment and improves its image.
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An amazing show so close to you, just in front of you on a table surface. The course expectation process transforms in a fascinating adventure. There a show with a storytelling can be used as well as the format of decoration. Such a feature can easily become a highlight of any restaurant, so the guests will share the experience with closest friends an in social media.

Short-term benefits: profit from the sale of an additional option
Long-term benefits: Increasing guest loyalty
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What is the benefit of using mapping in a hotel?

Advantages of 3D mapping

3D mapping is a modern and high-tech art form associated in the minds of people with large-scale city holidays. Hotel projection shows and decorations are an image feature that gives a special status to your hotel

Projection panoramic scenery time after time will be able to offer new impressions to your guests. All the beauty of the world will organically fit into the interiors of your hotel, and you will get an advantage over any other hotel with a panoramic view without overpayment for rent
Better than advertising
People love to be surprised. They also love to share what surprises them. They will be happy to tell about what they saw to their friends and share photos on Instagram
Balance between new and proven
Customize your interiors with imagery of artistic trends, architectural styles, sophisticated and unobtrusive effects, fictional universes or real-life places.

3D mapping will give your guests the experience they want every time they are looking for a new location. Your hotel offers new experiences over and over again.
But we do not say: this is beautiful, buy it!

We desire to become your business and marketing partner, which will calculate the investment and the revenue of launching 3D mapping project, which will help to promote it efficiently and develop in the future

We do not respect a strategy whose essence is to impress you with an effect and then leave in doubts, whether it is right for you to invest in it or not.

We consider 3D mapping as a business project and are interested in integrating it into your development plan, rather than changing it for ourselves.

We will support you at every stage

Different strategies in launching 3D mapping
We have created two different formats of work, so that you could choose the most comfortable way for you.
Light degree
You're not doing anything there, you're not investing anything, you just let us to create visualizations, how the ballroom or another venue can look like with 3D mapping transformation and then sets in rules that your managers, who are responsible for the rent, should suggest 3D mapping as one of the options of this venue.

It is lucrative for you as apart from the fact that you will have an advantage in comparison with competitors, you also will have a commission from us from every project, as you have provided us with this client.

Key ideas:
— rented equipment
— the renter is charged by everything, no investment for the hotel
— it can be a great option for all events held in your place
— you get commission from us for each such project

For each project, we develop the concept of the event, draw sketches and demonstrate in the form of a presentation, so that each of the project participants is as convenient as possible to familiarize themselves with its content, and it is convenient for the agency to defend its initiative.

We do all this before the conclusion of the contract, therefore it is free of charge and does not commit to anything


No investment from your side
You can start to sell the option straight away


Not so high revenue
In this case, income is only some percent from a project cost
You need to rent it either
If you do your own event, you have to pay for the
equipment rent.
Renting equipment, the possibilities for its placement are limited, which makes it difficult to discreetly place it.
The greatest investment, the greatest impact
High degree
Invest in installation equipment. Ways to monetize your own equipment.

Key ideas:
— you invest in equipment
— we design the project turn-key from the first slightest idea
— selling ticket
— creating paid options
— Rent out
— making your own incredible events


Unique competitive advantage
You can provide you clients with certain advantages of 3D mapping option, that they will not get anywhere else, where the need to rent the equipment. This means that you are turning this option in truly unbeatable competitive advantage of your venue.
Invisible equipment
Your equipment permanently installed can be hidden and unnoticeable while in rent it is not so beautiful, so the option of 3D mapping on your venue is much better than on any other.

Freedom of use
You can also easily realise any events and entertainments
yourself for your guests and you will have to pay nothing
and get some revenue from tikets or saving the pr-budget or
you have to pay only for the content production, which is
2-3 times cheaper

Flexible pricing
You can make the cost of the option lower than the cost of this service on the market

3D mapping control on iOS or Android

For each order, we create our own application, with which you can control all the power of the multimedia system with one touch. And no additional settings.


You need certain amount of
investment there
You need some time to install all this
depending on the scale of the project
from 2 weeks to a month or more
We are interested in you making a profit.

If you're purchasing such a huge project turnkey, we are interested in you becoming profitable in this area and recouping your investments, that's why we provide you with some additional service.

We offer you a complete marketing concept, integrated and tailored to your development strategy, so that you can use 3D mapping to achieve your goals.

We will investigate, what is the situation now, which guests chooses you and why, and which why not and why.

We will design a strategy — which new guests you can involve with different formats, with which guests you can increase the payment by new services etc

principal of collaboration
You can come to us with any idea - any at all!

Just give us the direction and we will:
- create the concept
- produce visualizations, how it can look like
- perform the calculation of the cost and the payback
- design the technical solution

And if it comes to nothing, that's okey, let's try the next one
That is our job.

Ready to share?
Great, but how does it work?
If you don't have a clear picture of how 3D mapping works in your head, this is not surprising. But you do not need to delve into all the many subtleties and nuances of working with projection equipment - we take on this task.

Below you can see the main stages of any projection show.
Each task requires an individual approach to its solution and for these tasks we use a full range of projection equipment from Epson, Panasonic, Barco, BenQ and other leaders of the projection market.

Despite the fact that powerful lighting equipment looks massive, we know perfectly well how to place it imperceptibly to the eye, and in cases where the aesthetics of the equipment location is of the highest value, we are ready to offer special solutions using small-sized equipment.
The content to be projected is actually what the end user sees. Therefore, even with the right equipment, you shouldn't underestimate the importance of content.

Professionally created content is content created taking into account the architectural plastics and the geometry of the surface to which the projection is directed. Of course, the artistic value and the director's concept of the footage are also important.
Equipment placement project
The technical solution is selected based on a specific task. The range of projection equipment is large, and involves many options for implementing the same task. It is only through experience that we find the most optimal solutions and offer you to choose from. We take care of all the nuances of work and setting up the equipment, but we are always ready to share our experience to achieve the best result.

How much does 3D mapping cost?

The cost of content and equipment depends on many factors. It is generally accepted that all 3D mapping solutions are extremely expensive. This is not entirely true. We will be happy to offer many options based on your wishes, needs and characteristics of your premises. We have something to surprise you.
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