Studio 22.12

Сommercial offer
for 3D mapping concept in The Land of Legends
New tourism season.
New technology.
Which locations
1. 3D mapping in the Romans location
Key ideas of usage
The history plot

Live illusions

Celebration deformations

Product placement

2. 3D mapping in Gates locations
Key ideas of usage
Image of the avenue

Image of the park

Celebration mood

3. 3D mapping on the castle Stage
Key ideas of usage
New universes for perfomances with artists

Multimedia decoration for concerts

4. 3D mapping on the Castle
Key ideas of usage
What is included in turn-key 3D mapping project
We offer you nothing less than the turn-key
3D mapping implementation
1. Equipment and software purchase
We are authorized partners of key equipment and software manufacturers, that is why we can sell you everything you need in the most convenient way
2. Installation and adjustment works
Our most experienced technical team will design on the first stage and install and adjust everything as planned on the second stage
3. Content production and art direction
To use all this equipment most effectively you need great 3D mapping content. Only this content lets the magic appear.
What you get letting us to implement the project turn-key
Only one responsible for everything
We strongly prefer to work with our own equipment from our particular partner manufacturers, as thus we can be confident in the quality of each and every element and the system as a whole. So, we took all the responsibility, and there is no chance to have constant delays in search of the responsible one.
The highest level of performance
The members of our technical team have 10-years of experience in designing and installing complex audio-visual projects. They know such deepest nuances, which are critical for so complex system to work ideally.
Official garantee and 24/7 our own and manufactorers support
As we are direct partners of the key manufacturers, we provide the best possible support from the manufactorer and in addition from ourselves, while the equipment purchased from some unreliable distributers may not be supported by the manufacturer
Shortest timeframe
Due to our expertise and experience in the matter, the process will be organized most effectively, which certainly means, that no one will do it faster than we will do.

Our partners
We are authorized partners of all the best projection equipment manufacturers, so from us you can purchase the best equipment for a good price and with an official guarantee.

Due to our close relationships with product managers of all this manufacturers we make them working in you best interests.
Feel free to write, call and visit us. We really love to communicate with our clients.
Saint-Petersburg, Petrogradskaya nab., 18
Phone: +7 921 887 42 64 (Whats app, Telegram)