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What is a 3D installation?
Our 3D installations are not only decor, but also a full-fledged show with a story that we tell through the transformation of various objects.

We can create the illusion of changing the colors on the bag, turn your banquet table into a sea teeming with fish and show what's inside a complex technical product and much more.

The main thing is that these effects solve the problems of our clients both in the event sphere and in marketing.
What 3D installations do we do?
What are the 3D installations

we do?
We love to make plans. Make a prepayment for the event from 3 months onwards and get a 20% discount on any light show
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You won't get beautiful pictures, because the installation will cause the shadows of the guests to fall
We install the installation so that guests can freely stand behind it and take a spectacular photo
A 3D show needs complete darkness, but we cannot create it at an event
For our 3D installations, total darkness is optional. Even using a projector with a power of 6 thousand lumens in a 3D installation, we get more than 1 thousand lumens per square meter. This will allow you to see the show as brightly as possible even in third-party lighting.
For such a show you need a lot of equipment that does not fit into the overall decor
For installation, much more compact equipment is used than for 3D shows on the building facade. These projectors are easy to disguise as your decor.
I want to make a very bright installation on a small object. I have to put the projector in the middle of the hall, and this is inconvenient for guests
The professional projectors that we use have both short-focus and long-focus optics, which allows us to vary the distance from the projector to the 3D installation
I know who will make 3D cake shows cheaper
Template solutions are sold for a cheaper price. We make the show to more fully express the idea of your event
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