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We made projection mapping available for private events
3D mapping (video mapping, projection show) is a type of show and decor, when using the video projection an illusion of transforming an object is created: the facade of the building, the walls of the hall, car, abstract installation or any other object. This technology has powerful artistic potential and is therefore increasingly used in the event industry.

If you are not familiar with 3D mapping yet, our managers will be happy to tell you in detail about its capabilities, as well as to guide you what can be done at your event using 3D mapping.
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Our projects
Take a quick look at the projects we are proud of. Our managers can tell you more about each case.
1. Facade 3D mapping

Facade 3D mapping

From them - for large city events

From them - for private events
2. Interior 3D mapping

Interior 3D mapping

From them - with a panoramic projection
on 3 walls

The number of event-places that we designed using the projection
It is free and non-binding!
Leave us your email and phone, and we will send you the concept of 3D-mapping show for your event.
3. 3D Mapping to various objects

Types of objects

Object Mapping Events

3D mapping show on logo
4. Content for the screen

Video Design Events
from Studio 22.12
We work all over the world.
We are ready to implement a project of any complexity anywhere in the world. Our technical contractors work internationally, and lighting suppliers are ready to deliver equipment in any volume.
About studio
Studio 22.12 was founded in 2016 by a team of truly creative people, successfully and quickly entered the market, offering solutions that have no analogues. Instead of supporting the positioning of light shows as an element of very expensive and large-scale events, we began to give beauty to everyone.

We repeatedly took up projects that other companies refused, and created a wow-effect where others said "impossible."

We sincerely love our job and are not afraid to experiment, go beyond the existing technologies and familiar experience, which is why we manage to see simple solutions where our colleagues can only offer to bring a ton of expensive equipment. We believe that the future of the event industry is in multimedia technology and we want this future to affect everyone right now.
Not sure where to start?
It doesn't matter what your question is: do you want to know the cost of a project, ask us to prepare a unique concept for you for your event, or clarify technical and organizational aspects just for the future - our managers will be happy to tell you any details!

The development of initial sketches, script concepts and commercial offers in our studio is absolutely free! We conclude an agreement only when you will accurately represent what you will get as a result.
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