Powerful and creative tool.

3D mapping in the interior is not just a decoration element, but also a whole story show telling a story through fantastic transformations of interior elements.

3D mapping used
• as a plot show
• in the format of short show elements opening the next block of the program
• in the form of background decoration and not only
Not as expensive as you used to think
Instead of supporting the positioning of light shows as an element of super-expensive and large-scale events, we have made beauty available for private events. We manage to find simple solutions where our colleagues can only offer to bring a ton of expensive equipment.
Interior 3D mapping is a way to please any audience: with the help of a projection, you will transform the same space for guests who are accustomed to grandiose classical receptions, and for young people who expect a fun and stylish disco, and even for those about whom you even did not hear. 3D mapping will instantly change the interior of any room, and our artists will help you get on target and create a unique setting.

This may look like your 3D-mapping.
Already have an idea?
Share them and get a free script concept and preliminary sketches.
Will do without compromise.
3d mapping in St. Petersburg projection light show
Brightness in the light.
Despite the fact that bright light sources reduce the contrast of the image, there is no need to turn off the light. It is enough to slightly dim the artificial light.
Stage light also does not lose its relevance. Pre-coordinated light switching perfectly complements the show program.
Aesthetics of equipment.
Equipment will not stand out against the background of large projection areas. Properly placed equipment on the site looks organically.
Shadows on the projection.
There is no reason to worry that the shadows overlap the image. The equipment is arranged so that the shadows from the guests do not interfere with the light.
3d mapping in St. Petersburg projection light show
Silly questions do not exist
It's okay to ask about what interests you.
Interior 3D mapping
No one will go blind
A short exposure to light in the eyes is harmless, and in practice unlikely.
3d mapping light show
Flat walls are not necessary
It is a mistake to believe that a high-quality picture needs a flat wall. In reality, plastic walls are more relevant, as their architectural features set the tone of decoration.
interior 3D mapping projection
It won't be dark
Even in the complete absence of artificial lighting, projections create enough light for a comfortable stay.
A film, a game, a favorite series or any work of art - all these are ideal tasks for 3D-mapping! Immerse all guests in a space saturated with the atmosphere of any of the worlds and embark on a joint journey of unprecedented beauty!
If there are no walls suitable for lighting on the site, this will not be a problem. We implemented projects even where there were no walls!
How we are working?
The main stages of preparation
First stage
First stage
We have gathered in a brief all the most important nuances in order to form an exhaustively clear commercial offer.
Second stage
Second stage
Commercial offer
We solve the issue of equipment placement, develop an artistic concept and draw up an estimate.
Third stage
Third stage
Technical project
We go to the venue, take measurements and fix the details in the photo to solve all the technical details of the arrangement of the equipment and coordinate them.
Fourth stage
Fourth stage
Script and storyboard
We are working on a detailed scenario with sketches of each scene.
Fifth stage
Fifth stage
Fine graphics
So that you can constantly monitor the final product and make changes, we will send graphic materials as soon as possible.
Sixth stage
Sixth stage
We are testing the project either on the site or on the layout, in conditions as close to real as possible.
Seventh stage
Seventh stage
Installation and setup
The process of final installation of equipment with the correction of geometry and color.
Eighth stage
Eighth stage
Full 3D mapping show with VJing and technical support.
Why project something onto the interior if it is already so beautiful?

3D mapping does not deny the beauty of architectural scenery, but organically complements them, conveying copyright ideas through vivid visual images.
Where can I hold an event?
Most popular sites:
• Summer Palace
• BIP Castle
• Residence K2
• Residence K5
• Catherine Palace
• Konstantinovsky Palace
• San Gali Mansion

Or where you need it.
What should be the facade?
• Bright hues
3D mapping technology projects an image onto a plane. Thus, any opaque surface of a light tone is suitable. Projecting onto a dark facade will partially discolor the image.

• Moderate glazing
It is desirable that the glazing area does not exceed 50% of the total surface area.

• Ability to turn off outdoor lighting.
The fewer light sources affect the facade, the brighter the projection itself will be.
We love to make plans. Make a prepayment for the event from 3 months onwards and get a 20% discount on any light show
sound interesting?
Just try
Regardless of whether you have dealt with 3D mapping before, or this is your first experience, we want to answer all your questions.

Fill out the brief and get the concept of the script and preliminary drafts.
It is absolutely free and does not oblige you to anything!
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