STUDIO 22.12
Exceeding expectations in guest experience with multimedia show
New options for client's loyalty
The best way to enhance guest's experience and exceed expectations is multimedia transformation.
When you use 3D mapping, the architecture is never the same, so guests are not bored and return more and more in the resort.
In the evening after sunset the facade will become alive and show the guest the legend of how the citadel has been founded or just transformation in some another setting -- the land of Posseidon for instance.
We need at least 10 projectors

Rent budget
We may reduce the area of projection to optimize the budget.

Rent budget
To enhance guest's experience you may also use 3d mapping in interiors.
It can be full interior -- 3 or 4 walls for full immersive experience.
Or you can use just one wall or part of the wall just to produce mini-show to excite guests.
For example, this wall seems pretty good for such show.
Another way to amaze guests is a projection on table surface
It can be only tables
Or it can be tables and walls
We should not be limited by the interiors we have as table 3D mapping and interior 3d mapping can be easily organised in temporary tent constructions
Look, how we have changed tent construction in park-hotel in Suzdal
We offer you
all the projects turn-key
What does that include?
Equipment purchase
We are partners of all world main brands of projection equipment: Epson, Panasonic, Barco, Christie. The budgets we suggest now are approximate calculation, however when you launch the project, we will work out it with all the projector manufactorers, choosing the best equipment for you purposes at best prices. We can negotiate with them effectively to your best interest.
3D mapping content production
We will work carefully with your marketing department and your entertainement department to work out the best show possible for each location.
Equipment installation
Our most experienced technical team will install and adjust all the equipment according to the project.
Our advantages
10 years experience in 3D mapping installation
For long 10 years the members of our technical team have been designing various 3D mapping installations. They have made hundreds of them. And due to this absolutely practical experience they do know in the deepest details, which solutions would work well and which would not. We will do everything absolutely professionaly, quickly, without any mistakes, that can be done by any other technical team, that is not experienced in particular in the matter of 3D mapping installations. And on this mistakes you can loose time and money and quality of the end product.
Partnership with projector brands
Our parnership with projection equipement manufactorers means that first of all, we know the technical stuff and can not be mislead by any sales manager from the side. Secondly, we are not the client, that will purchase once, we are partners, that provide them with many clients and many deals, so they can give us special offers and benefits, that they would never give to the client. Thirdly, we know the market in details and know perfectely well, how to negotiate with such componies to get best conditions.
All the responsibility in single hands
We do everything turn-key means that we are responsible for everything, and that in it's turn means that everything will be solved as quickly as possible without any disscussions, who should do this and why.
Feel free to write, call and visit us. We really love to communicate with our clients.
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